Odyssey Gold Electronic Cigarette

Totally Wicked's Gold Odyssey™ Electronic Cigarette - Only £159.99

Limited quantities now available on pre-order, with shipping planned no later than 30 November 2012.

A stunning electronic cigarette designed in conjunction with UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) and manufactured here in the UK exclusively by Totally Wicked, now available in limited quantities in our high polish, 22 carat gold plate finish.

The ‘Gold Odyssey™' is the same elegant design that is rapidly building an international following of those who value quality and precision engineered product, which combines reliable functionality with peerless aesthetics. As with our standard finish, this limited availability Odyssey™ is beautifully crafted from high quality materials such as 303 austenitic stainless steel and laser cut Boro-silicate glass, all backed by a phenomenal 5 year guarantee. However, the ‘Gold Odyssey™' has been elevated to new levels of beauty. Each component is individually prepared and gold plated using 22 carat gold, prior to assembly. The preparation process includes each component being hand polished to jewellery standard of finish. This hand preparation, whilst costly and time consuming, is essential to support the high lustre finish we have been able to achieve using our hand applied gold electro-plating techniques.

Every component has been subject to the same level of fastidious preparation, from power button retaining grub screws to the tank filler device, every part of the ‘Gold Odyssey™’ is exquisitely finished. We have even plated a Single Coil Cartomiser (SCC) in every kit, so you can show it off in its full golden glory. If you have ever wished to own a product which is stunningly beautiful, rarer than a Ferrari, yet as affordable as a month’s supply of cigarettes, then look no further. 

 Odyssey Guarantee Certificate

 Odyssey Guarantee of Authenticity Card

 Odyssey Guarantee Reply Card

 Odyssey User Manual

Features include:

22 carat gold plated

Locking activation button

Secure tank fitting

Unique and easy tank filling system

Rechargeable 14500 battery

Custom made drip tip, plinth and filling mechanism

Odyssey Single Coil Cartomizers (SCC) (both Single and Low resistance Dual Coil Cartomizer available)

Kit Includes:

1x Odyssey™ body

1x Odyssey™ plinth

1x Odyssey™ mouthpiece

1x Odyssey™ filler

1x Odyssey™ tank

1x 14500 Charger

2x 14500 Rechargeable Batteries

  • 2x Single Coil Cartomizers (1x standard, 1x gold plated) 

Product Care

Users should store and handle these items with special care. We advise electronic cigarette users not to store their e-cigarettes with metallic or magnetized objects or electronic transmitting devices, like keys and mobile phones, therefore extending their lifespan of functional use.


This product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers.


Warning: Keep cartridges and fluid out of reach from children Nicotine in its pure form is a poison, and can cause harm. All nicotine cartridges and fluid must be kept in a safe place and away from children, as the amount of nicotine in a cartridge, if ingested by a small child could cause serious harm and medical assistance should be sought.

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