E Liquid FactsFlavour Concentrates and Mixing kits10ml Gold Standard Concentrate20ml Gold Standard Concentrate5ml Red Label Flavour Concentrate5ml Red Label Tobacco Concentrate10ml Red Label Flavour Concentrate10ml Red Label Tobacco ConcentrateMix Your OwnNew UserProductsFind usOdyssey Odyssey Electronic Cigarette accessoriesOdyssey Electronic CigaretteOdyssey Electronic Cigarette Tank KitOdyssey Electronic Cigarette BodyOdyssey Tank BodyOdyssey PlinthOdyssey MouthpieceOdyssey FillerOdyssey Dual Coil Replacement CartomizerOdyssey Single Coil Replacement CartomizerOdyssey 14500 900mAh Protected Battery4 x Replacement Odyssey Tank O-ring sealsTrustfire TR001 Multifunctional Charger510 Universal Car ChargerE-Liquid Pre-mixed e-liquid10ml Totally Wicked Red Label e-liquid20ml Totally Wicked Red Label e-liquid50ml Totally Wicked Red Label e-liquidTitan Fluid 10ml T.W. Titan Fluid20ml T.W. Titan FluidPatriot Range10ml Patriot Range e-liquid30ml Patriot Range e-liquidElectronic Cigarette KitsTornado eGo-C+ Tank kitTornado eGo-C Twist KitTornado eGo-C+ Classic 650mAh kitTornado eGo-C+ 650mAh KitTornado eGo-C+ 1000mAh KitE-PipeTornado RCS kit, silverTotally Wicked eGo-T Starter packTornado RCS Kit - BlackTornado Mini RCS kitTornado eGo-C Slim Full KitTornado eGo-C E.Cig Full Kit - BlackTornado eGo-Cego-c Accessories Tornado eGo-C Slim Atomizer BodyTornado eGo-C Slim Battery HousingTornado eGo-C Slim Neck Lanyard10440 – 3.7v 360mAh ICR Battery for the Tornado eGo-C SlimTornado eGo-C Slim USB ChargerTornado eGo-C Slim EMPTY Tank Cartridges 2ml Capacity10 Tornado eGo-C Slim 2ml Cartridge CapsTornado eGo-C Atomizer BodyTornado eGo-C MEGA Atomizer BodyTornado MEGA eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage Manual BatteryTornado eGo-C+ 650mAh batteryTornado eGo-C+ 650mAh Manual USB Passthrough BatteryTornado-T 1000mAh Manual BatteryTornado eGo-C+ 1000mAh Manual USB Passthrough BatteryTornado Mega USB ChargerTornado Neck LanyardUniversal USB to Mains Charging Adaptor UK and EUUniversal USB Car ChargerTornado Tank EMPTY Cartridges - BlackTornado Tank EMPTY Cartridges - ClearRegular 1.1ml Cartridge CapsTornado Tank Cartridge Sleeves - Pack of 310 Tornado Tank Mega 2ml Cartridge CapsTornado Zipped Carry Case - Black, Red and Light BlueMega Tornado Tank EMPTY 2ml Cartridges - BlackMega Tornado Tank EMPTY 2ml Cartridges - ClearAtomizersKits5 x Tornado eGo-C Atomizer Head Low Resistance 1.8ohm5 x Tornado eGo-C Atomizer Head Regular 2.3ohm5 x Tornado eGo-C MEGA Atomizer Head Regular 2.3ohmTornado eGo-C E.Cig Full Kit - Brushed SteelTornado eGo-C MEGA Twist Compact Kit 1000mAh510 Titan Tank Full Kit - Brushed Steel510 Titan Tank Full Kit - WhiteTornado Tank Compact Starter KitTotally Wicked Disposable Manual E.CigaretteTECC Disposable E.CigarTECC E.Cigar Full KitTECC Microlite Cartomizer Kit - BlackTECC Microlite Cartomiser Kit - WhiteiClear Electronic Cigarette KitTorpedo VVV E.Cig - Full KitTornado Tank Full Kit - BlackTornado Tank Full Kit - Brushed SteelTornado Tank Full Kit - White510 Titan Tank Compact Starter KitVariable Voltage DevicesBatteriesRechargeable Batteries14500, 800mAh Sanyo Battery14500 IMR replacement batterySANYO 16650 - 2100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion Batteryreplacement 18350 battery18350 battery charger & adaptor18650 - 2600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion BatteryHigh capacity rechargeable lithium-ion batteryPower unitsTornado eGo-C+ 1000mAh batteryTornado-T 650mAh Manual BatteryAccessoriesTornado MEGA eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage Manual Battery18350 - 3.7V 900mAh Replacement Battery18650 - 3.7V 2200mAh Replacement BatteryTrustfire TR001 Multifunctional ChargerTornado Mega USB ChargerTornado eGo Adaptor for the Torpedo VVVTW Torpedo VVV - Tornado eGo Double Thread AdaptorKitsVariVoltPlatinum & Titanium Ice50ml Platinum Ice 54mg Unflavoured - Single Bottlee-lectron-MThe e-lectron-M ProductsThe e-lectron-M Kit650mAh e-lectron-M power unit1000mAh e-lectron-M power unitC2 atomizer heads for the e-lectron-S and e-lectron-M x 2e-lectron-M TankUSB charging cable /software cablee-lectron-M Mouthpiecee-lectron-M Mouthpiece Adaptore-lectron-S and e-lectron-M Airflow Ddjustment Tool100ml Platinum Ice 54mg Unflavoured - Single Bottle50ml Titanium Ice 72mg Unflavoured - Single Bottle100ml Titanium Ice 72mg Unflavoured - Single BottleDiluents and Accessories60ml PG - AG - Glycerine (VG) Diluents100ml PG - AG - Glycerine (VG) DiluentsSoft Plastic (Polyethylene) Mixing BottlesHard Plastic (Polyethylene terephthalate) Mixing Bottles5 x 5Ml Clear Dropper BottlesRegular Refill KitDeluxe Refilling Kit50ml Platinum Ice 54mg/ml Mixing Kit50ml Titanium Ice 72mg/ml Mixing Kit100ml Platinum Ice 54mg/ml Mega Mixing KitGold StandardDual Coil Tanks3.5ML Dual Coil Tank - Single100ml Titanium Ice 72mg/ml Mega Mixing KitReplacement Coil SystemsTECC ProductsGlitered Kirkintilloch TECC T-Cross Tank KitTECC T-Cross KitTECC T-Cross Replacement CoilsTECC VTR Kit and e-liquidTECC30S Tank ClearomizerTECC30S Tank Clearomizer replacement coils x 2 -Totally Wicked Multifunctional ChargerTECC Telescope KitTECC Telescope battery tubeTECC Protank IITECC eVodTECC eVod & Protank II replacement coilsTECC MVP IITECC iClear 30 Dual Coil Tank ClearomizerTECC iClear 30 Dual Coil Tank Clearomizer replacement coils x 2TECC Krystal BCC TankTECC Krystal replacement coils x 2Tornado SeriesDirect Drip Atomizer (DDA)Direct Drip Atomizer (DDA) Replacement Atomizer Coils - 3 PackK1 DC RCSK3 DC RCSTornado RCS - BlackTornado RCS - SilverStarter KitsMag-Oid KitStarter kits AccesoriesMag-Oid 650mAh Rechargeable BatteryMag-Oid USB ChargerTitan 2 Starter Kit and e-liquidMag-Oid RCS Atomizer Heads X 2Tornado Tank - Cone Shaped T-atomizersTornado-T 650mAh Manual Batterye-lectron-S Productse-lectron-S Battery Housing-e-lectron-S Control Head-e-lectron-S Atomizer TankC2 atomizer heads for the e-lectron-S and e-lectron-MThe e-lectron-S KitTornado-T Blister Kite-lectron-STornado V3 Blister KitTornado RCS Replacement Coils 2.4 ohms - 2 pack10ml needle filling bottleTornado Mini RCS - SilverTornado Mini RCS - Black14500 IMR Replacement Battery 6ML Dual Coil Tank - SingleDual Coil Tank Replacement Cartomizer - 1.5ohm4 x Replacement DCT Cartomizer O-ring seals3.5ML Dual Coil Tank Decorative Plinth6ML Dual Coil Tank Decorative PlinthKing Kong Knucklehead Drip TipKing Kong Acrylic Coloured Drip TipsKing Kong Stainless Steel Drip TipTW Colour Drip Tips for the 510 or DSE901510 Aluminium Drip TipKing Kong Knucklehead Coloured Drip TipKing Kong Aluminium Colours Drip TipsCartomizer Systems510 Triple Coil XL Cartomizers - EmptyTorpedo Chrome ClearomizerTotally Wicked Cone Shaped Cartomizer- Pack of 3510 CE2 XL Clearomizer Ultimate 2.4-2.6ohm - Smokey BlackTornado Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer 1.5ohm510 Dual Coil XL LR Cartomizers - EmptyFind usAll videosThe shopCustomer Referral SchemeContact usStop Smoking start vaping in Kirkintilloch Glasgow ScotlandGift certificateTornado Tank & eGo-c maintenance and troubleshooting guide

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